Arroyo Grande, California


This town with a population of 17,000 people is a great option for people who want to buy a home in a peaceful and beautiful area with plenty of sun. Located in the Central Coast region of California, it also belongs to the Five Cities Metropolitan Area, other cities being Grover Beach, Oceano, Pismo Beach, and Shell Beach. Homes in APathrroyo Grande are an ideal choice for anyone with an appreciation for beautiful surroundings, outdoors activities, and those who need culture as part of their lives.

This historic town was firstly inhabited by Chumash Indians, and later became an agricultural town for new settlers. Arroyo Grande has expanded a lot in the ‘70s and is now known for its great location and a quiet suburban lifestyle of the highest quality. Homes in Arroyo Grande are sought after by many buyers who are looking for a great neighborhood in the California state.

Arroyo Grande real estate market is very popular among those who have high standards of the community, and who want to live in a safe area without the hassles of a big city. Getting around in Arroyo Grande means you never need to deal with bad traffic again. However, all big cities of California are only a few hours away, which makes this town especially well located.

tumblr_mniy09rwWh1s9i6n6o1_1280It is also one of the best areas to live in for outdoors lovers. This small town is home for many ranch owners, and horse riding is a big part of Arroyo Grande life. With a fantastic golf course located in the town, Arroyo Grande attracts a lot of players from surrounding neighbourhoods. It also offers some fun outdoors experiences in the Mustang Water park, or Vista Lago Adventure park, which are both favored by families with children and exercise fans.

With a great range of beaches, canyons, lakes, hills, and other nature’s wonders, the town is fantastic to spend your leisure time outdoors. Being a coastal town, Arroyo Grande is loved by surfers, and water skiing fanatics. It has some of the most pristine and well looked after beaches. A lot of its residents are also avid hikers or mountain climbers. Getting out into the mountains only means a short drive from the town. Furthermore, a variety of lakes in the region provides great possibilities for fishing, swimming, or just enjoying the sun. Whether you are very active or not, living in Arroyo Grande gives you a lot of opportunities for spending time outside.

Being located in a winery region, Arroyo Grande is also an ideal place for having access to great local wines and wine tasting events. There are many wVillage of Arroyo Grande - 4ineries in the close neighborhoods, which also provide some of their great supplies to the town’s restaurants and shopping places. Residents have access to an impressive number of restaurants for the size of the town. Overall, the restaurant scene in town has a good variety and adapts to everyone’s tastes.

Despite the size of it, Arroyo Grande even has a performing arts center, which is a center of the community’s culture activities and offers a lot of excellent events. This
makes the town as rich in culture and full of possibilities to explore, as any other city. People who are interested in Arroyo Grande homes for sale are making a choice for a quality life in fantastic surroundings.

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